Teltonica FMB920 car tracker

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Teltonica FMB920 car tracker

The Teltonica FMB920 tracker is an ultra-small, smart device with Bluetooth connectivity, high-power internal antennas (GSM / GNSS), and an internal backup battery. This device is designed to be installed on light vehicles in areas such as insurance, car rental, tracking of stolen cars, relief services, delivery of goods, taxi drivers and.. Inputs and outputs embedded in the device provide more capabilities for the user. The digital input is used to control the status of switches, gates or alarm keys. Using the device’s digital output and a relay, the car start can also be controlled remotely.

Teltonika FMB920 car tracker with CE ERPA and FCC American standard
Approved by the Radio Regulatory Authority of Iran
Support for GPS, GLONASS, Baidu, Galileo and QZSS positioning satellites
Very strong internal GPS and GSM antenna
Has a digital input to detect whether the car is on or off
Has an analog input for connecting analog sensors
Has a digital output to connect to the relay and starter to turn the car on and off, open and close the doors and…
Has a motion sensor to detect sudden acceleration and braking and severe vibrations
Warning on, off and moving the car
Car hit warning alert
Teltonika FMB 920 car GPS can be installed on all types of cars and motorcycles
Waterproof against water spray from different directions

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