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RFID Door Lock HMI-1

Surface lock card smart door opener circuit

1- This circuit has the ability to define 250 key cards.

2- In this system, the events of turning on the circuit – opening through the software – opening through a mechanic such as a key or handle – changing the sensor opening or closing the door – changing the night-time sensor – changing the sensors 1 and 2 – Opening is stored in the circuit memory by an authorized card. It should be noted that this information includes the event code and event sequence and the authorized card number.

3- Alternating or direct input power between 7 to 18 volts (preferably 12 volts)

4- Protection at voltages above 22 volts

5- Ability to increase the card reader SIM to the circuit by 50 cm

6- Reading cards of suitable quality up to 5 cm from the card reader

7- It has a relay with 7 amps capability

8- Ability to change the always open and always closed position for glass magnets

9- Ability to drive 5-volt motors ordered by the customer for use in smart handles

10 – Ability to connect to a mobile phone with Bluetooth HC-05 / HC-06

11- Ability to connect to a computer via RS485 up to 1000 meters

12- Ability to install the exact clock to the customer’s order

13- Has a market for authorized key card – Unauthorized key card – Opening with the system – Setting the definition and removal of the key card – Access control – Closing the nightstand and pressing the key card

14- Blue LED display for input power – yellow Bluetooth connection – red not allowed – green allowed

15- Opening with the online access control system (reading the card without sound – sending to the server – processing the day and hour of the week – opening command)


Smart Door Lock system (SAMTA)
This system can be installed easily on all type of your doors. And can open the door via RFID Card (125 kHz) and via Mobile Cell Phone or PC.
This system have more option:
1- 250 Key Cards (Set via Mobile or PC and via Master card Add and remove)
۲- 250 Last event record same as (Boot system- open by card ID – open by PC / Mobile – handle use for open door or key mechanical – night lock – sensor DIO 1 – Sensor DIO2)
3- Voltage 7 ~ 18 volts AC / DC (no polarity)
4- Variestor Mov 22V to High voltage protection
5- PCB card antenna reader (up to 50 cm)
6- Card read range up to 5 cm
7- Relay for 7A NO / NC select able
8- Relay input and output selector
9- 5 volt motor Driver
۱۰- Time of CVR – Time of CCVR – Time delay between CVR and CCVR (can end wait via handle action) Set via Mobile or PC
۱۱- Bluetooth HC-05 / HC06 can connect direct on board
12- RS485 can use in 1000m
13- RTC (Real Time clock)
۱۴- Buzzer for boot – Not Access key card – Valid key card –network function – master events
۱۵- LED RED (Not Access) – GREEN (validate) – BLUE (Power) – yellow (Bluetooth connected)
۱۶- Online function same as access control system (read card – sent to server – open via pc)
17- Size 58 mm * 42 mm * 21 mm

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