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سافتلاک سافت لاک سافلاک ساف لاک صاف لاک صافت لاک

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Door Access Control
Door Access Control system. card manager
مدار hmi-1  قفل کارتی دربازکن هوشمند کارتی
مدار hmi-1 قفل کارتی دربازکن هوشمند کارتی
Access Control system
قفل کارتی دربازکن هوشمند کارتی
قفل کارتی دربازکن هوشمند کارتی

RFID Door Lock

Security system

مکانیاب خودرو
مکانیاب خودرو

Teltonika FMB920 GPS tracker

Parking App for Android


Has it ever happened to you that:

Lost a key at home or at work? Worried about where he is now and what to do now? The first thing that comes to your mind is brain replacement?

Have you ever given a key at home or at work for a while to someone you care about? But for whatever reason the key was not returned to you. now what? Want to change the brain again?

It may have happened to many of you that you have added staff to your organizational structure who, for whatever reason, has been cut off from work but your office or workplace key has not been returned to you. Surely you still have to think about brain replacement.

We have a good offer for you. Instead of spending a fortune on these items, come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! So on the next page, wait for our offer.



We have a good offer for you.

Instead of spending a fortune on these items, come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! So on the next page, wait for our offer.

Hmi-1 circuit

We recommend HMI-1.

By installing this device, you will be able to open all types of doors such as home, office, home (yard or apartment), company, parking lot, workshop or any door using a key card or tag. One of the advantages of using this device is that you do not need to carry a large number of keys.

If your card or tag is out of your reach for any reason, you no longer need to change the physical structure of the circuit or the house lock, but you can easily remove access to the lost card.

HMI-1 feature:

Can be installed on all types of electric locks
An electric lock and an power adapter are required for use on apartment doors
Can be installed on all types of audio and video iPhones with any brand
Very easy and fast installation
Very easy to manage key card (tag)
Function completely independent of the iPhone circuit
Very reasonable price
A free Jasovichi tag
No need for any wiring
Ability to connect to mobile phones and computers if you buy a network card
Definition of 250 authorized key cards
Record the last 250 events without a date
Can be connected to a variety of command systems to open by recording in memory such as remote, iPhone, fire alarm
Ability to detect whether the mechanic is open or closed and recorded in memory

With the HMI-1 door opener circuit, you can easily equip your home with a key card system (tag) at a very low cost. Open the door without using the key and by approaching the key card (tag) to the device. The darkness of the night and the times when having a lot of equipment makes it difficult to use the key are very useful and efficient. It does not matter if it is an iPhone or an electric jack of any model and brand, you can make a card with your door or iPhone using the door opener circuit HMI-1. By adding this feature in the building, it still opens with the key. It should be noted that this circuit is located inside the iPhone panel and there is no need to change the building or additional wiring.

Very convenient installation with the guide that came with the device.

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