Circuit installation method

Circuit installation method 1- Locks that connect directly to the HMI-1 circuit If you are familiar with the wiring diagram for the lock, follow this plan MHI-1 circuit for direct circuit connection If wire tightening is difficult for you, you can use this method to connect the lock to MHI-1 circuit. Its map can be seen below How to install the lock for direct connection to MHI-1 circuit 2- Locks that are connected to the system through the interface system such as iPhone FF or elevator In such systems, the location of the corresponding switch must be found: for example In the elevator panel, you have to turn off the elevator power and take out the summon button and connect its two wires to the two relay wires of the circuit. Now take out the summon chassis and attach the antenna instead. In the FF or iPhone system, the power supply must be cut off first. Then look for the location of the door opener chassis. In FF or iPhone, the electropic model, it is enough to connect the two connectors L2 and 0 to the MHI-1 circuit wire as shown below. FF or iPhone electro courier circuit

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