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Access Control system

مدار hmi-1 قفل کارتی دربازکن هوشمند کارتی

Access Control system

HMI-1 worked on 2 different mode.

mode 1: Stand Alone Door Lock.

mode 2: Access control system.

When connecting software to HMI-1, the software can set HMI-1 to access control mode.
In standard time and normal conditions, the circuit is in automatic mode. In this case, if the card approaches the card reader of the circuit, then the circuit starts searching in its own database, and this search is for cards that have already been defined by the programming card or by the software.
If the expiration date of that card has not arrived, then the relevant command is issued to open the relay or open the motor and jack.
But when it is in traffic control mode, only the cards in the circuit are defined that do not need to connect to the server. Such cards are usually defined for collection managers and high-level employees and the security system. The system first goes to the card in its memory. If it is found, it means that this card must be opened under any circumstances. But if it is not in memory, it means that this card must be processed by the server.


In the system, if it is detected that the card at this particular time and date is allowed to open this special door. It will then send the unlock command for this lock.

There is a counting procedure in the system, which is first sent to the server from the circuit side. This number is processed on the server and a new number is generated according to an algorithm. This new number will be sent at the end of the packet. If the information in this packet is correct, it will be accepted, otherwise no effect will be given to the packet.

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